typhoid lyin lion, leanin lazy on lawn
roars most spendid at picture drawn
of forest scene with nymph and faun
amy are you a lion? me too. ROAR!
i will be 25 next thursday. and i do expect to feel different. :)
typhoid hmm.
where will i be on thursday....
the bus ticket says "leaves the 16th"
but i was thinking of going up the coast leisurably with some friends... but i've yet to get a conformation
amy don't worry about it. just bring me something from berkeley :) 000812
werewolf so the camel says to the seems lately i've been supplying the hump in our humping....and the lion says...ouch...that hurt my pride... And all their baby can agree on is that sometimes it wants to eat itself. 020320
Santa Mefistofeles abdomens thrusting together beneath the midday sun.

thrusting bodies shaded by trees.

Humans dressed in nought but life
and ancient africa

human bodies
beneath the midday sun

Caution and arrows eased by will
thickly blossomed phalli.

dessicated bones beneath the midday sun
all tooth-marked and chewed,

bits of meat:
fecund flies and Hyena's lick
And there

Lions rest beneath the midday sun
DIFFERENTIAL Are you Hannibal or what? 050614
Lemon_Soda Wiseman. I always think of him when I see or read about lions. He has a gold lionhead ring with rubies for eyes and the lion spirit is with him. You can tell. 050614
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