florescent light when I have cheese
I'm out of bread
when I have bread
I'm out of cheese
when I have cheese and bread
the lettuce is moldy
nocturnal at work at least you could still make a grilled cheese, if you have butter that is. 010606
Dafremen ..pray. 010606
Dafremen That was very tricky florescent...

See noc, she can't EVER have moldy lettuce with her bread and she knows it.

Whenever she has cheese she doesn't have bread.
And whenever she has bread, she has no cheese.

So how could she EVER have both bread AND cheese?

She can't, by her own admission, and as we both know Ms. Light is MANY things, but a LIAR she is not.

So since she can never have bread AND cheese, the lettuce will not be moldy.

Or something like that.
Photophobe No, when she has cheese, and bread the lettuce will be mouldy.

But this will never occur

thus, the lettuce will never be mouldy.

But you can't say that when she has both the lettuce will not be mouldy... Cause it will. It just won't ever happen.
kerry i hate when the ditzy girls at school start talking about the difference between types of lettuces and find it to be a conversation of substance. 011214
tonya black_glass lettuce, black_lettuce

octopus on my eye
jennyanydots kerry, maybe they are being domestic. it's important to know how to make a good salad. 040405
jolie laide Lettuce is the base of my food chain. 040615
dries&hardens anything but iceberg will do me fine, so long as it's not moldy 051228
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