sunrise live forever in ceasless waves of crimson, azure, emerald, and marigold
not even sleep could starve me of these undulating epiphanies
IKC 56-80 hold the mirror up to itself and see infinity receding into the distance 020803
no reason the description of pisces lists introspection as being a fault. i'm not sure about this. 020803
andrea you keep blather of everyday life going like a train on the way to the moon. 021002
~gez~ the ride back is much rougher 021002
werewolf you're setting yourself up for a fall. you think it's about winning the belt? nah kid. it's about defending it. you're setting yourself up for a fall. 021002
Raine Introspect is a kick ass rock band from Columbus Ohio. They write their own stuff and sing a wide range of covers. Check them out at

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