silentbob So...
You're Going to Die
clyde my life is based upon it 020328
blown cherry he said I was boring because I could never decide where to eat,
even though he couldn't either.
paranoid martyr like a dog with a steak, and its reflection in a river: oh, i fucking loose you, both in the reality and in the illusion. 030115
Wanderer Indecision, that vile and insidious little disease that stalks us in the very darkness of our minds. It goes beyond panic. I goes beyond fear. It casts us into ice and stone, a paralysis darker than emptiness. Cast off these heavy chains! Cast off the blankness in our minds! We are always upon the edge of a blade and to hide in indecision is to allow oursleves to be cut. 030115
xyz When I was in first grade, the kids in the grade ahead of us would ask us "are you PT?"

if you said "yes", they'd reply "you're a pregnant teen?!"
if you said "no", they'd reply "you're not potty trained?!"

I don't think I ever answered them.

The ones that did are probably the ones who grow up to be political leaders.
smurfus rex It is the key, the KEY (!), to flexibility. 031207
what's it to you?
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