lucky There has always been a faint hope that glimmers in the moonlight and if I slant my eyes just so, the light flares out in bright arms that span the world. Embracing. The moon holds the world tight each night protecting fragile hearts from breaking and loving those whose hearts have fallen...

Something about the way the moon frowns makes us believe that the moon is a sad omen. Hopeless. But within the eyes of that very bright moon is a glint of absolute beauty. Within those eyes forever sings songs with exploding melodies of love. The eyes of the moon hold the key and answer to our lives.


And in the light of all the moonlight I hold in my hand all the love that I could possibly give and I place within my palm a kiss. And with this last breathe, beautiful sweet one, I send to you your last lesson on forever.

My love.
. you are so perfect in every way
i love you
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