TCMT Hypertext is text displayed on a computer display or other electronic device with references (hyperlinks) to other text which the reader can immediately access, or where text can be revealed progressively at multiple levels of detail (also called StretchText). 131121
epitome of incomprehensibility Print encyclopedias and other reference books are also a sort of hypertext, because they refer ("link") to other entries. Or so I've been told. 131123
epitome of incomprehensibility I! am! text! and! I! am! excited! it said.

I wrote it like a love song: You put the H in ADHD, and in HD, Ezra Pound's high-definition loverrival (like riverrun) who's better at Imagism than him, being HD and all.

"She wants the D."

Sun deficit, smiling under a parasol. She wants the whole spectrum. That's why she's making out with her (he thinks) just friend. It's not to arouse you.

Well, that's not why she's doing it, but it is why SHE'S doing it. Reference. Point?

Pronoun referral service. Can I help you?

Yes. I'd like to purchase three pounds of Ezra. From the Bible.

Go on.

I want evidence to prove that global warming is a lie from the lying tongue of Satan. And that all Jews are good at math.


All Asians are greedy and all Jews are good at math!

Sorry, ma'am. That's the reverse racism joke. We're only taking hypertext puns at the moment. ...Oh! My phone just flew through the window. That's better.
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