Q a herstory lesson: turkey and greece

all the recent blathing on geece brought this bit of herstory to mind.

sometime after the pope carved brazil out of south america to keep the inquisitors out of portugal and his own bedroom, england divided the rest of the world into countries.

the king - or maybe it was the queen at the time - was sipping brandy at a turkey dinner with his/her ministers and guests, took a look at the bird, and said as if s/he were making a proclamation "We definitely need a turkey someplace, and it should be next to some grease."

Amid the suppressed laughter and dribbling brandy, enforced by the knights sweating profusely in armor standing around the walls with swords at the ready, the secretary to the crown, not having a dictionary handy, dipped his quill (all secretary's were male in those days) into the ink and, in inscribing what he thought were her/his majesty's order, misspelled grease as greece.

thus arose turkey next to greece.

and china had representatives at the table.

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Tank that, my dear q, is not a herstory, that is most definitely a history. women do not divide, they embrace... 000919
donaldson * snort *

i've known plenty of divisive women... don't get me started on the whole "womyn" thing...
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