flowerock heartmate
flowerock Three years : )( : heartmates. feels like we've always been together, but also like such a short time. still falling further into love with you. excited about you and us. Thank you. I love you. I am glad I went for that bike ride and thought to text you, and that I found your house and that you offered cuddles. I needed that and now I always have that with you. tonight wine and raw garlic in smell memory of that night! 140814
flowerock is snoring. 140815
flowerock squirellmate
because we're squirells ^.*
flowerock When we're apart it's like breathing with one lung. Is what I told my coworkers while we were all talking about our partners or lack of.
Love my heartmate mattsquirrel
Soma When did you lose your luster your lust or your love? When did you become a matte heart, a flat heart, deflated by the weighted worries of life? Come and be polished, don't be scared to abolish prosaic feelings and dreams. 140927
.flowerock no no no... not matte MATTe as in Heart(Matt)e

matted hearts in this case are a good thing, I would not have my heart any other way. matted with love.
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