sphinxradio coming too fast over the hill
seven offenses in one hit
ClairE sweep by
we always gotta turn them off
in case the cops come
step out of the car
dead leaves under oui bare feet
it's really too late in the season to be doing this

but do i really care?
rip ok that was just dumb i dont even know why the fuck u even put that on there
it has no use
Alakaz Headlights are rarely good for anything but driving. It is either the most erie, or the most mellancholy thing on a car. They are the eyes of a machine that seem to give it a soul. I can't think of any good memories I have ever had while any of my cars or my truck has had on there headlights. I love cars, but for some reason these "car eyes" either send bad or sad vibes to me. However, I have had plenty of fun on hot summer nights with the tirned off headlights of my musclecars. However it that does not always camouflage you from the police cruisers. That had to be the most fun I have ever had being busted by cops 030419
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