flowerock hip_hop_rap_harden_up

I am so soft. I cry easily. I stay quiet. or I ramble on clumsilly. I don't ask. I don't try if I think I might fail, sometimes.

It's not always that way, just most days. Listening to some good hip_hop rap whatever genre makes the most sense to you, I don't know, don't care. I just know it has a punch to it and its message seems to be to build yourself to be strong but stilloving, to fight injustice and extend a helping hand to the less fortunate, to be the best but remain humble. defend and climb.

My right arm is in a cast. from a bicycle crash. I tell people I broke it punching cars. I did punch a car that almost hit me, but I just hurt my hand, the left one. Today I kicked a car hard with the flat of my foot, left a mark on their shiny paint. They turned through a red light while I was in the crosswalk with an elderly woman and a guy with a dog. The car almost hit two of us, my dog, and his dog and scared the elderly woman. so I stomped the side of their mini van. They flailed angrily out their windows yelling and slowed down like they were going to get out. I think they knew they were the ones in the wrong. that's good enough.
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