Lemon_Soda No I'm not fuckin drunk I just had a littlebitmore sauce thenI'm used toso Hows efveryonedoin'thisfine evenininin cause I"m doin greatvisitin that cityI'll live in ina few years strange how stuff wortks out how ya don't really want it to bujt good non the less. I feelgreat despiote bmyin abilitytodrivce an all that. but hell, whats a pair of feet for if not walkin"? Hope yall ar3e havin as fun a evenin I as I am and if your not go drink a litttle bit and let yuourse3vles loosena bit for the ol dl.emon soda cause ya can't get so stuck in yer rujotines that ya can't enojoy that moment. yay bnody buzz and, happy freinds,and the taste of no to9morrows. adios and here is toa fine noight the finest ever. Never unedrestimate another night pertdfection. Hopefully I'm not the onlyhavin so muchj fun like this but maybe Iam andifthats true and then ya'll are very sad to mee I thin kI'll cry if you don't havin the fun.

;yay fun.
mous is the best way to do it. 040325
Death of a Rose hehe 040326
stork daddy the closest thing this city will offer me to sinking through wet earth. 040326
Death of a Rose drunk fuckin 040330
Lemon_Soda wow.

I was pretty fuckin drunk.

The Dead Kennedys Too Drunk to Fuck 040331
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