unhinged i voted you off my island asshole 070520
unhinged and then you bought your way back in

and it still hurts
to hear you say
you love her
kung Fu :) you're joking right!

it can be very confusing you know, the games you play ... don't think i didn't realise, it's not a way to "keep" someone by making someone feel rejected. It's your little battle with yourself, don't bring me into it, i can only stand with my own heart, its not strong enough to make yours feel safe. I'm not your mummy, but i understand your fear of being lonely or uncared for.
Thats why your a baby more than me you monkey joker. I've seen people like you before, thats why, stop the game, i ain't going nowhere and yes i care but i'm not your little orderment for your house decoration.
unhinged do i know you? 070903
hee hee no, i just made it up for a bit of script for a film, do you like it ? 070903
unhinged you freaked me out

but since i don't know you
i love it
what's it to you?
who go