Commander I am Commander. I am in charge now. You will do whatever I command you to do. Also, you will like it.

Command #1: You will think to yourself, "This is really very ridiculous." Good.

Command #2: You will wonder, "Who the hell is this guy?" Good.

Command #3: You will take a deep breath right now, or perhaps, a while later. Good, I am so proud of you, little servant.

Command #4: You will swallow hard, because you have amassed quite a bit of saliva in your mouth. This command may be completed any time within the next 48 hours.

Command #5: You will have a b.m. within three days. If you do not, bad boy. Or girl.

Command #6: You will smell something in the air, and it will remind you of something else. Good.

Command #7: You will gratify yourself sexually and in the back of your mind you will be thinking of me, the Commander. Good job. I am very pleased.

Command #8: You will experience something, and it will cause you to develop associations. Good.

Excellent job. I am very pleased. I am Commander. You are an obeyer.
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