beefy they're special even when one isn't speaking of the slang term or in the metaphorical sense. They're almost like the ideal woman ( or at least marachinoes are.). They're sweet, and soft. So there. 001017
Lyle McMahon like a time bomb
like hiroshima or the locker no one has ever opened before
or thunderbolts in my face
and all over my cluttered place
cherries like sin
like a mannequin
bashing things like heads against the padding
at ten seconds an hour
and i swear im on fire
like hell like an orgasm
angelic reasoning
or not.
ellen cherry charles the crowning glory of every upside-down cake 020127
squint and god said "let there be cherries"

and thus squint was a very happy girl
kerry too many cherries make me sick to my stomach...
can anyone here tie cherrystems with their tongue? i try but i always end up gagging...
unhinged 4045

under a dollar a lb.

that scene in the movie 'the witches of eastwick' ruined my taste for cherries forever...or was it purple grapes. well either way, i can't stand either of them.
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