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.m it looks like a lot to ask people, but it costs a lot to press an album and get it on the radio. the postage alone on our last campaign was like $700, not to mention the $111 on envelopes. and yes only one dude in germany has pre-ordered so far, and hardly anyone bought our first CD choosing instead to download for free. and i'm several thousand in debt. and nobody seems to care too much really. so much work to do all the time with everything without a manager or other support. i'm such a loner lately. and maybe i'm just dreaming. but i know there are 15 year old kids out there in places listening, and hopefully not killing themselves. music meant a lot to me when i was 15, it means a lot to me still. i know we've touched people. i just want to maximize that. it means everything to me to get this out there. i just want so badly to sing around the world. 100301
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