misstree Always something there to remind me...

Let's negotiate.

I am odd because I use ow rather than boundary. Because i declare the rules flexible, the lines blurry, because the world does not end where the map does. Because each moment brings you somewhere new; keep your passport handy. Never be afraid to jump on a train. Don't fence in the unicorn that can take you away.

Ranting because I am different, because they are different than I but we wear similar spots, because their way of doing things is so sterile, so alien, so boxed, in my eyes. It makes more sense now why they see me as wild beastie to be kept at arm's length; without my tuxedo, I am the alien one. Different languages, in mine the essentials more subtle. The one tonight groaned vehemently at the lightest bite, and couldn't quite grok that I need accurate assessment of impact, that without true response I am blind. But usually I'm told by tops that I'm too quiet. I told you I wasn't normal.
LS Order is an empty takes chaos to fill it. Without Order, the Chaos spills all over everything and I for one think it sucks when you can't count on anything. But without the Chaos, I'm left with an empty box of Order.

It takes two.
what's it to you?
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