moonshine Mr sucidal.. Mr punk. Mr sulfur. I was your salt. Spikes and drugs. Your drove too fast, you drank too much, you crashed your car high in the hills. They stapled your head shut. Your high and mighty, over me. You have the scars to show it with dirty blood and knives you ran down my back. Waiting to carelessly stab. Letters to no one especially for me. Dirty little Chaos.Swords to cry. Hippies to hate. 000808
vix You call on three way today
To laugh,
twizzle glimpses of affection
Shauna's shadow
plunged Betrayal erupts
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...... Blair Denounces Iraqi Prisoner Abuse
14 minutes ago

LONDON - Prime Minister Tony Blair said Saturday that any abuse of Iraqi prisoners by coalition troops would be "completely unacceptable" after a newspaper published photographs allegedly showing British troops mistreating a prisoner.

"I think anyone would be sickened by any thought that coalition troops had abused Iraqi prisoners,"
god makes me think of pepsi 040928
? does Blair Blair buy into pepsi and coke too?
huh !
he's funny.
what's it to you?
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