reue but yours is especially beautiful 050608
on the road no they're not. Look closely. They look alienish, SOME in a pretty way. 050608
palm I was a nasty looking baby. Not pretty in the least. 050608
Freak of course im not biased at all but i have the most beautiful baby girl there ever was 050610
Zippideedooda I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement. Ugly babies do exist (shudder).

Now the same can't be said about kittens, because kittens_are_always_cute.
Lemon_Soda I would never had associated the word "pretty" with babies. Maybe cute, adorable, or stinky. Pretty is for, i don't know, landscapes or something. I don't see it as a people describer, let alone babies. 050613
Freak i saw an ugly baby once...the drum line teacher or whatever you want to call him...his woman had a baby the first year drumline got started in our was bad 050621
reue babies are always pretty, because it is my belief that they have total innocence. 050629
her royal highness the quirk Elaine: Some night, huh?
Ben: Yeah. I wish I had my telescope.
Elaine: Some dinner, huh?
Ben: Yeah. Nothing like really fresh lobster.
Elaine: Some house, huh?
Ben: It was built by Mark Farbman. He built a lot of houses in here.
Elaine: Some ugly baby, huh?
Ben: What did you say?
Elaine: I said some snuggly baby.
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