twiggie i have this horrible fear of aneurysms. everytime i get a bad headache and i can't figure out why i get incredibly paranoid. so much to the point that i've had panic attacks...complete breakdowns. i hate going to sleep with a headache because i'm afraid that the blood vessel will burst in my sleep. there have been so many times where i've wanted to ask someone to drive me to the ER so i can get scanned for one. but then i feel so stupid...because everytime i think of that i always end up ok. but then i think to myself..."the bad headaches are just the blood vessel building up, it's going to get worse until it finally happens".
everytime i've turned my head to the left today i've gotten a sharp pain over my eye. i don't like this.
unhinged the song that started it all for frank and the boys from ivet

i wish they would play it more often cause it ROCKS
what's it to you?
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