maxwell thorne "I check a million times after I post something because I hope someone will make a little witty comment about it, just to acknowledge that someone out there actually fucking heard a word from the real me that lives inside this cage in my head"

I know. I hear your need to know, I need to know, too. Do I matter.

Thankyou, alexander, for saying what I was thinking, and let me tell you, I'm listening.
p2 if my name is philip
and i name my son
is that putting
too much pressure on him?
Alexander P2, yes it can be alot of pressure being named Alexander, itīs a heavy duty, but in the end, the more Alexanders we have the better chance the mankind has to get rescued.

Think of it. You need us!
elegance My foot is fizzy, and to avoid being a copycat I shall have to acknowledge the fact that I am and agree with the person just up there ^^^.
Thank-you for saying what I'm thinking.
what's it to you?
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