eagle friend material 980831
[marissa] above a stranger
beneath a friend.
daxle you have three days to impress me or I will stop saying hey 990512
dropout "I feel like for the past eight months I've been nothing but your acquaintance."
Wild Bill An acquaintance became a friend.
A friend became a close friend.
A close friend became a confidant.
A confidant became a passion.
A passion became an obsession.
An obsession became a lover.
A lover becomes a wife.
.:diggy:. i can't possibly forsee any reality that i would want you as just this. you do mean too much to me and i will always hold you extremely close to my chest. the day you become an acquaintance is the day that i have decided to stop listening to apart of my heart. let's make sure this day doesn't come. 000414
SomeoneElse I have a friend who has become an aquaintance. So whilst I relate to you Mr Diggy, I think some people are just all or nothing beings. I know I am and it's a quality I embrace and respect within me. It has power and passion. 000414
grasshopper I knew where we stood but I dove ahead anyway 000430
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