Lilac I actually had a full out argument with someone over how to spell this word. She refused believe me until I got her to ask an english teacher. 030120
unique butterfly yes, it's TWO words... not one...
that's my pet peeve.
mathieu A lot of something describes a quantity of something which you can't describe by using other words than "a lot", for example this sentence contains a lot of words (because I'm too lazy to count them all). 040412
ethereal two words. NEVER one.

Ever since I got yelled at for that it's bothered me EVERYTIME someone else writes. ALOT. ARg.
spiffy i will fight to defend these two words. "alot" shall die. 040607
"A" Man How many acres? 071214
u24 but allot is fine. 071214
delial my hands have been hurting a lot lately.

1: due to the suddenly plummeting temps, and 2: because I just finished writing individual notes to people in each of my current batch of about 20 greeting cards I've made.

I have probably 10 more I need to make.

I guess love really does hurt...a lot. tis_the_season!
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