deb 4am comes with a new uncertainty
this time around-
he hasn't called yet-
i was awakened by nothing but
the stark reality that
i am alone
in here, so cold...
sighs are muffled into wide pillows
and i try to not worry-
i close my eyes and curl my toes
-the cat pounces on them again,
attacking furiously-
my mind drifts to
when you can be here
and i can sleep again,
wistful smiles crossing
slightly parted lips...
the frosty haze of sleep slips in..
beethoven rising in still night air...
i'll think about it all in the....


dewy yawns mingle with hellos
and you smile...
you love it when you wake me up,
don't you?
u24 again. I woke up at 11am (earliest for ages) but i still haven't managed to get much work done. been playing blastbilliards and misc other games. 060324
silentbob The point in the night where the remaining people in the bar begin to pair off. You just have to be patient and dramatically lower your standards. 130221
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