dallas You are my toy.

Let me play with you.
miniver "It went 'Zip' when it moved
And 'Pop' when it stopped,
'Whirrr' when it stood still
I never knew just what it was
And I guess I never will."
MollyGoLightly Richard Pryor. R.I.P., Wonderwheel *sniff* 000519
Brad Don't leave me Wonderwheel!! 000519
girl i used to be a toy. he would have days when he wanted me with him all the time and then there were days were he wanted to play with a different toy all the time. i know toys shouldnt get jealous but i was. then when he wanted to play with me again i was tickled because i thought he still cared about me. this happened many times. he would lose interest and go play with something else. when he got bored with that id still be around, like an old toy. it wasnt until i realized i was a toy that i stopped being one. 000919
camille 011028
Devious1 often the name given for a man replacement. batteries not included 011028
ClairE Don't do this to me. grr 011214
nicole punk wannabe 021215
jolie you crawled up to me like a crippled plaything
to take it all out on me
what's it to you?
who go