Mahayana you believe, whole heartedly in who i am and what i can do [when i feel as though i can no longer continue on]

you listen, i mean truly listen to all i have to say when im down, lost, & hopeless [when i feel as though it is time to give up]

you unselfishly, love & support me at times when im scared of the overwhelming tasks ahead [when i feel as though i can not]

most of all, you cast aside your own fears [when i want to give up] & are somehow always able to remind me when i seem to forget through all the overwhelmingness just what it is that *i am* working so hard towards... an [us]

though it seems
never soon enough
but thankgoodness the time is coming

[{thank you my love... for believing in me when not even I seem to know how}]

[[[i look forward to the times I am able to do these same things for you, if you should ever need extra love, encouragement, support, and understanding]]]

bless your beautiful & compassionate soul, for this world is truly a far better place with you living amongst us

i love you my complicatedly_precious angel
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