silentbob where your heart grows
where all rail service terminates
where you start believing in things you think matter and stop believing in those things you know don't.
and every time you have a problem you think its so much more worse than any one elses problem.
amy yawn! 001209
amy for me, anyway. i was waiting for better things. i lived in semi-rural Illinois and couldn't really find many peers. my parents were isolationist, anyway. it was before the internet, even. 001209
distorted tendencies I don't think I ever experienced this.
I went from 12 to 70.
Casey I went from 30-13 in just a matter of days. Sigh. That's what I get for wanting to get close and have companionship then get left in the dust. 020331
no reason my sister just told her friend on the phone that my dad is "so messed up" because he asked her if she had the chips. she used to be normal, hopefully this'll end soonish. 051009
pete "thank god i wasn't 18" 051010
the end found in the nearest mall! even one mainly populated by old wrinkled people, teenagedom still lingers there... 051214
what's it to you?
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