bethany i just went tanning and it's like i'm a fucking vampire
no matter how much i do it i am still as pasty as the pilsbury doughboy

the only things that breaks this irish skin is a summer of lifeguarding...so like usual i have to wait until august to be happy
l;dfs is so fucking stupid and makes you look like you've smothered mud on yourself. besides the fact that it makes your skin all fucked up 040414
magicforest enter the cancer box please and achieve perfection

work with what you've got, girl
ivyducktwilightseto The tanning bed
Talk to the nice desk person
Go into the room
Take off your clothes
Put a sock on your cock
Strap on your goggles
It's time to bake in the box
Twenty minutes you lay there
It gets so fucking hot
You get out and you're charred
Thanks, you can baste me next time

I've never been, and I'm glad
Observance looks like ivy didn't pull the plug afterall. 040416
cma everyone thinks that when you tan it makes you look great, but no, it makes you look orange, it gives you skin cancer, all around its just kindve stupid 040416
what's it to you?
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