typhoid with saint_joe.
busy street, but it's like 2 am anyway and whose awake? but the cars do come.
so we sit with the engine idling and the lights off, cuz this cul_de_sac has dominance over the lights at this hour we get the green, the road gets red. and it stays red. cars come eventually, sit there, get impatient, get really impatient, and just run the light... do this for about 20 minutes. go off to find some overpass to sleep under or something
pinkish I'm blinking.

there's a stoplight outside my door.
Busy intersection.
Too many accidents, too much drama.
I've seen bones outside their skin, faces decorated with glass,
lives ripped apart and thrown on the asphalt
from my window.
at my stoplight.

school children
an old deaf man playing crossing guard
foot and mouth traffic
red hands, stop. white man, go.
stay off my grass

silence at 3am.
what's it to you?
who go