psyki i color the sky with you.
i let you choose the blue.
birdmad wrecking ball 011004
cresentwhench Someday I'll have spheres hanging between my legs too. But until then, i'll just be a woman. Far better than being man. 021022
narcisstic_grapes a red crescendo evaporates in it, and yellow dances along it's sides while a child looks at it in wonder.
chinese lanterns on a dark night look like fiery spheres against an inky emptiness.
*ikonaj* old mellowdrama becomes the new.
this is what is trawled, and i love him (or did) for the record.

see how many hymns i sing of here. one popped another clean. so when this too (Boy) is the very flute and halts in his music, i shall know that more will follow.

the only constant is this bluespace. perhaps i should proclaim my love for it?
f . 090324
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