olive when i somersault in a pool i can't help but think about a baby in a womb or a man in outer space attached to the rocket-ship by a long tether. either way i feel like there should be something coming out of my belly button, holding me down. keeping me from floating away into the milky-way. some reference point for what is up and what it down.
often times when i come out of a somersault in a pool i end up facing a direction that i was certainly not facing before. underwater my body twists and contorts to make some movement that's far from symmetrical. but still i feel very beautiful.
and i wonder if one day when i come out of the water, out of this acrobatic womb, if i will rear my head into a world very different from the one i went in on.
maybe it will be like this place i went in a dream once- where there was only neon colors and everything was bouncy, and nice to touch. and gravity didn't depress me quite like it does on earth.
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