amy The First Snowflake One day in November I was outside at recess time when I saw a snowflake. I heard of the old saying "if you catch the first snowflake you get a wish." I saw a snowflake floating down in the middle of a field. I ran to get it, but it went past me. I turned around. I chased it to the end of the field. I caught it! I knew it was the first snowflake because some sparkling dust came from it! It felt funny in my hand and I knew it was magic! First I thought I'd wish that my brother would be nicer to me- but I thought again. Hmmm...this is important! I wished for everyone to see a falling star so that they could make a wish. My wish could go on and on. The dust flew far away and made a million stars in the sky. Every night some stars would fall for the people who need wishes to come true. The End. 991218
florescent light today I am a snowflake
who's pure white innocence was not made for these fallen city streets.
god tiny_apes 030325
illusionary_reality floating
ever so gently
it came
to me.
. . 041201
mahayana 060102
camille mahayana,
What a cool site!!! thank you

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