sarpedon Oh my, I never thought that this
Would bring us close, thus make it clear
Our love we share could bring us near
Enough so that we'd dream to kiss
The face we hold so very dear

Inside my head you do reside
No matter when, no matter where
Content in that I know you care
And even if desires collide
We'll suit us both, and make it fair

You are the one of all I've met
Who's strong enough to understand
My way that no one else can stand
And loves to be so intimate
And out of me my best demand

Without you, oh, what would I do
And even now so far away
I do my best to keep at bay
The feelings that between us two
Make every smile a game to play
sleepless I reside mostly within my own mind;
Occasionally other people's, if they let me.
The mind is a strange place to reside.
They do things differently there.
what's it to you?
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