poeticmisfit why is there such a thing as fashion, and the "in" style, and preppiness? why do i feel like i have to be this thing called "prep" in order to be liked (by majority). would it be different if punk was in? i hope punk never comes in...i never want to be in. its too much of a hassle.

*she gives a frustrating sigh*
squint punk IS in. supposedly, I mean. 020723
poeticmisfit crap. 020723
endless desire oh god. punk is in and everyone wants to be THAT. and since i dont care to change MY style or who i AM...none of these "punk" kids want to talk to me. they won't smile at me. they won't talk to me. they just give me dirty looks like i am some how ruin their world by being myself.

you are so cool.
you are so fucking different.
ive lost my respect for people who choose to be "different" because they all look exactly the same.
misstree it gets better once you're out of the educational concentration camps. 031228
what's it to you?
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