sameolme peach pie 040311
sameolme some times, ignore-ance is wiser than curiousity 040311
sameolme when I was in grade 7, I had to go to this weekly meeting, with the guidance counselor and a couple of my friends.
We were bad ass trouble makers, basicly just class cut ups. At one point she
suggested that we had a lot in common with the "brown nosers", kids, mostly
girls, who sucked up to the teachers.
That we, like them, were in it for the attention. The truth of what she said
hit me like a ton of bricks, and changed me. She was a great woman, Mrs. Bork. I learned a lot from her. A few years later, while I was in high school she died of cancer. I never got a chance to thank her properly.
Ishutan Premarital turns spiritual when being turned on turns your doorknob pushing boundaries made in foundries long aged now torn by time's plow this.
Existential is a buzz word, and if in being so we're all high who cares it's on the fly that we sign and fight and die this song will make you cry out for tempered justice, the kind that burns and makes us muster the resolve to pull the trigger on this revolving door we call life.
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