sabbie do it in a circle. 011226
oren I'm there. 011226
god i've done it in a crop circle before 011226
Aimee "well that's what you get for raising your kid to be a pagan"

"What?!?! I am going to the school board about you mister!"

"Oh c'mon what? Was it the pagan remark?"
witchesrequiem morons! 040604
taintedluv does ANYONE know what a pagan is??? 040606
u24 a pagan is a type of goat, usually seen in the west african highlands. It is easy to spot, given that is is green and purple striped, and mainly eats blue cheese. They are not harmful to man. Why do you ask? 040607
dosquatch I thought a pagan was a medium sized bird that liked to shit on statues. 040607
sab nonono, you've got it all wrong.

pagans are those odd long pains that run up and down your legs when theyre too cold or youve used them too much in a day

well, that or the groady arsed bits of food that's still stuck to the dishes after theyve been washed.

one of the two
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