Quintessensual what the Internet and drug-dealing are all about 991117
calliope happiness comes in packets
you can shake it and make yourself more and more excited, your mouth watering
you can stir it into the drink
you can pour it onto your tongue
you can spill it and try to lick up the grains
too bad
it gets sticky and stays on your hands and you want to get it off
Thyartshallshant Amen Sister Quintessensual!!!! 001230
oren My earliest memories of packets would have to be those little Kool-Aid packets.

I still remember how you had to be careful not to breathe in to deeply once one was opened. You'd end up sneezing everytime.

Later, they came out with the large packets that already had sugar in them. I was too young to understand why such a large packet didn't make a lot more Kool-Aid.
ClairE He came to see me and we doubled up for lunch with Christina and her own Internet friends. They were loud and laughed about crack and sugar packets, and we ordered juice and looked at each other so that we had to ask each other, "What?", and smile so that the other couldn't see. 020119
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