me? birds of a feather flock together.
of course im a wolf.
an ostrich egg suspended in midair.
of course, the falls.

those birds some mean little fellas.

eying the middle of the road
seeking shelter from the load
never seeing what 'e should
cuz 'is head is full of wood
left 'is mother and 'is siter for a toad.
amy a satisfyingly large egg 000209
marjorie once again, i must comment on the cherry coke commercial, where the guy rides the ostrich through the department store. i like this commercial. i like the music. i like the guy. i want to drink cherry coke. i want to buy. buy. buy. consumerism. let me spend my money. let me be american. let me be free. laissez fair. don't tread on me. time to sell free market economy. i tried to sell the country. nobody wanted it though. it just didn't have that sparkly flair that everyone is looking for now days. not a good showing. we shall put a little more care and love into it, then i shall try again. you can join me. we'll take pictures afterwards and eat salsa and smile for the cameras as they steal our souls. 000310
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