no reason there are some good things, i admit...still, it can't be helped... every day, british_columbia is looking brighter and brighter. i've never been at a more willing point in my life to just pick up and leave. 031005
niska sure...

if you're willing to pay that much for car insurance and soon - health care...
sans nom i need to send some letters
i need to write some letters
send them to ottawa

i want to find out about that church in toronto

on tar i o i o in north ont ar i o
no reason the black flies, the little black flies...

man. we sang that as a warm up in choir a couple of years ago. i forgot about that.
mos good cucumbers! 050923
pete my home 050924
faberge omlette quack: what's your travel itinerary?
mint pie: well, i'll start in sao paolo, then i'm ontario.
no reason dear ontarians,

please go to this:

i cannot stress the awesomeness of it enough. i'm still... speechless.
pete i'm on the wrong side of the province to take part.. 070805
what's it to you?
who go