wesleann ya know, you shouldn't ask nuns if they're virgins. they hate that. 000125
ass facely all the kids wanna be nuns 010204
Tank i am a chaste, non-secular nun. 010204
KinkyWinky once, i had the brilliant idea of trying to get a bunch of people to pose semi-nude in various omponents of a nun's habit and a very large strap-on appliance

we called the result

"our lady of perpetual arousal"
the repeater caveman

I know a man named Senior Wiggley who only dreams of herion and fat nuns... 010729
britney spheres nuns fucking rock my world. why are nuns so hot? 010911
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Dutch nuns on bikes chase suspected thief

July 24, 2006 (AMSTERDAM, Netherlands) - Two Dutch nuns, wearing habits and riding bikes, chased a suspected thief through Amsterdam, police said Monday.

On Saturday evening, one of the sisters believed she recognized a man walking past their chapel in southern Amsterdam as a thief who snatched hundreds of dollars in cash from the building two weeks earlier, Amsterdam police spokesman Rob van der Veen said.

She invited him inside for a drink and asked a fellow nun to alert police.

The man, apparently suspecting what was happening, fled the building and snatched a bicycle from a passer-by.

"The nuns then grabbed their bikes and gave chase. They tried to grab him, but he managed to escape into a residential neighborhood and they lost him," Van der Veen said. Police hunted for the man in the neighborhood but could not find him.

-The Associated Press.

There should be a TV show about crime fighting nuns.
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