blah-ze is what you are and have always been - a fringe in society, unnoticed, uncared for, unwanted, always watching but never talking, always dreaming but not doing, always smiling slightly but never frowing outwardly

if they could only see your heart
stork daddy and just remember. it's because you deserve it. 040820
epitome of incomprehensibility Course 304-03 is a nonrequisite for 102-09. I knew it. 050810
blah-ze uneeded for display, the first thing that was left on the shelf, the last to be noticed and discarded

tell me, can we find out another way to be alive? i don't think this parade will last long... i'm falling apart from the environmental stress, my paint is chipped, the wax oh so slightly melted

the hell with you all, you aren't me, a nonessential piece of furniture, a wallflower with the glaring camoflage, unable to fit in anywhere but always able to fade into the background

being a person is nonrequisite for being alive
what's it to you?
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