silentbob when i was in tenth grade i kept listening to walking_alone and thinking how much of my life sounded like the lyrics sang in that song. i wonder if in the future i will think songs i like now are pathetic. 021012
the geopolitical ascetic historically,the successor to the Babylonian ruler Nebuchadnezzar 021012
the self-correcting ascetic correction: first king of Babylon according to common mythology, possibly an incarnate version of Marduk, the chief Babylonian deity

if myth begins with a grain of truth than Nimrod, or whomever the name was symolic of would be the first empire-builder in recorded history

The imperial stature of Nimrod would be symbolized in the Hebrew version of his name "Nimrodh" which trasnlated literally means "Tyrant"

Legend has him as an "evil genius" type and a wily hunter who used a tamed leopard in the same fashion
as a man might utilize a hunting dog, which in the Akkadian language "nimr" was "Leopard" and "od(h)" was "to subdue"
Robin Hello! The Hungarians have an interesting legend regarding Nimrod, as they believe they are his descendants through twin sons, Hunor and Magor (Hun-gor.) What is interesting about this assertion is that the ancient form of writing Hungarian very much resembles Sumerian cuneiform, and the languages have more than 2000 words in common. Sumeria was the "cradle" or beginning of Nimrod's territories. After the Hungarians were Christianized, Saint Erzebet tried to claim that the Hungarians were descended from Japheth. 040215
:_) i think this is truly proof of my lack of college education:

i only thought Nimrod was an album by Greenday.
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