Toxic_Kisses Ok lets strait from the beginning or other wise this wouldnít make any since.

I knew hE wrote poetry @ sOmEtHiNg Cafe but for the life of me I can't seem to remember what came before Cafe, soooo being ever resourceful I remember I have an old e-mail from hiM in my E-mail account and I fig his hiS E-mail addy along w/ his poetry handle (Alter) would add up to what I was looking for @ google soooo I go to, type in my handle and PW (Password) and the darned thing freezes on me! I can't get it to shrink or close or anything it's just stuck on my screen!!! Soooo I use the only other option I can think of, I call over the closest librarian (Who -would- be a balding 40 something guy UGH!) to help uNfreeze the blasted thing! Gawd I don't even have to imagine what he was thinking when he saw the page I froze it on!!! And even though I tried to explain why I was there (Not that he asked) heís still always going to associate me w/ that page!!! Iím shure looking back on this some day Iíll laugh my ass off but right now Iím completely mortified!!!
misstree are you laughing yet? at least giggling?
'cause that is entertaining. :)
what's it to you?
who go