no reason fuck offfffffffffffffffff

playing 16th note triplets at 132 is HARD, goddammit........
no reason interesting.

this word was in blather_red, but not blather_blue.
stork daddy sometimes i like to set a metronome and then masturbate. it's like i'm john henry, and i'm gonna die with my hammer in my hand. 041208
stork daddy leaves indecisively flutter,
momentum is not a choice.
like a kid who jumps
into a pool alone
and looks back
with an awkward
ungrounded torque
because his friends promised
to jump with him.
and the windshield is a metronome.
and a metronome is a thresher.
deb Finding the courage
to take the first step
is the hardest part~
After that, it is all in
the momentum.
Keep it moving forward,
and one foot goes
in front of the other
over and over.
Before you know it,
you're halfway
round the world
and cannot even see
where it was
you started from...
The footprints remain,
should you wish to retrace,
but the tiny voice within
there is no need...
The past may mold you,
shape who you are,
it does not do
to dwell.
what's it to you?
who go