Q To have, be encouraged to have, give, encourage and receive imaginings;
To have, be encouraged to have, have fulfilled, encourage to have, and fulfill desires;
To appreciate and receive appreciation for all of you, mind and body and what each of them does, and can do, separately and together; and
To appreciate and give appreciation for those things of another,
Who loves you and strives to love you more than you love yourself.
This is not inconsistent with being free.
Wherever did you come up with the idea that it might be?
On the contrary, it is the ultimate liberation.

Copr. 2000
lisa_is_bionic _To enlist in the Vesuvian Liberation Army, a Marxist-Leninist political organization dedicated to activism and reform, all recruiting is done through Vesuvian Liberation Army
All fascists have to be revolutionary at one point. Except for the Germans.

The Vesuvian Liberation Army has laboured to protect the world public at large from the acts of the malicious anti-proletariat movements and the rise of neo-fascism. We have endeavored, and will continue to endeavor, to stop the rise of states whose fundamental being exists as a result of capitalist imperialism, and move the political milieu of the collective nation-states of the world towards a Marxist-Leninist paradigm.
amorfus Was that serious? I can't tell... 000526
moonshine Margaret Sanger 000806
mindhack5 and the sheep were led to the slaughter
and in their death - l i b e r a t i o n !
jordie with the liberation came the casting of the stones and floating of Fall's leaves. with the liberation came the moving of my lips and the shaking of my hands. with the liberation came the flowing of a song and the thumping of it bass. with the liberation came love. 060517
unhinged this woman is a lightening bolt
what's it to you?
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