Barrett Smooth stones beneath me, cool air surrounds. (KYUSS)

Wish I was ocean size, nothing can move you, no one tries. (Jane's Addiction)

The one time I am truly at peace with everything. (Barrett)
Another Barrett (really) a true sense of clarity, direction and purpose before I throw my self off the lip of a waterfall.. kinda stupid if you stop to think about it but oh so much fun. 030311
not precioussss what have you got in your pocketses? 030311
lost my second favorite thing to do in the whole world. second only to sex. 030312
lost even though i have almost killed myself several times doing things that i wasnt ready for. i only like white water kayaking though i dont like paddling around on flat water. i get to do it all summer long too because i work as a raft guide on the kern river. this year the world championship wild water races are here. it's gonna be crowded but theres gonna be a lot of chicks. 030312
delial racecar 030312
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