Erin I've never known what this word meant.....its just really pretty 010225
Joanne Losely translated, my Chinese name
Exotic, mysterious, airbrushed, red-lipsticked, and waiting.
A circle of green hanging from red cord.
unhinged it's a mineral; a hard green (of varying shades from almost white to dark green) mineral that the chinese especially use to make carvings religious and secular. it has a specific mineralogical meaning like purity or healing but i'm not sure what it is. 010829
poot jade is a green mineral. a stone. a blonde girl that lives across the street from me (her hair used to be green). 010930
End Is Forever I want to hang on to something that won't break away or fall apart like the pieces of my heart... 030623
celestias shadow it is beautiful, isn't it? the word and the stone both. magical, almost. 030723
L0v3 Is Fr3 I love green jade. The depth that this little stone seems to have.

It captures me more then the shine of fake diamonds.
flowerock my middle name. the rock in my flower 140626
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