lost this week is going to suck. my girlfriend is going on a cruise for a week. it sucks i had the money and everything and i was going to go with her and when i called the place to book it they had just filled the last room onboard. I was going to get a room for us to share, cuz she is sharing a room with her mom and her grandmother. I think im fallin for her. everytime i hold her in my arms i can just feel it. 011209
ClairE because I will have no week.
and no one.

it's coming.

there's snow on the ground. that makes me feel especially lonely.
unhinged just like every other week 011209
lost yes it was a lonely week. and extremely borin too. it sucks i dont think im gonna be able to see her till monday. 011215
distorted tendencies and every week after this one. 011215
ClairE without you. 011216
Doar every week 031127
Lemon_Soda Always...but one voice in my head, with many facets.

But still one voice.

Its always lonely in my head.
what's it to you?
who go