valis ah, its over ...
my sentence IS up, and has been for some time.

thanks, grant.
d i wish key 23 was accessible
and he anticipates fireworks..
valis you mean, like, key_23?

anything's possible, you should know that by now ...
miniver I've been thinking alot about holidays these past weeks. Thanksgiving. Halloween. Christmas.

Perhaps it's just the weather, and the falling leaves...but it feels like there is something very ancient sadness and greatness, some heavy and consequential thing moving and stretching very slowly and softly in this direction. Maybe in the wind. Maybe in the cold echoes crossing the pavement.

It caught me getting into the elevator just an hour ago, home from a midnite lab. And it reminded me of pumpkin carving, and crackling fireplaces, and thick sweaters; pine trees, and shiny ribbons, and warmly glowing candles; bells, and beets, and toffee in orange and black wrappers. Cornucopias and snowmen and goblins and ghosts. And then I shivered, and it was gone.
d recently purchased a book called the Invisible War at Salvation Army on Prince? St for $1.99. There is another book which is titled something like 'How i Became an Invisible' that must be looked into.
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what's it to you?
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