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User24 a skill that has not been taught, that was present at birth, or that developed naturally. Innate abilities are often believed to be somehow better than learned skills, possibly because many people believe that a student cannot surpass his masters, and therefore any learned skill must be diluted in some way
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fract all into it shun.

keep it down in a secret compart_mental_space. below the surface to again be discovered when approached in the acceptable manner.

the way into the hidden is such that onlyour pure heart may remain. anything else just hurts too much. we hide bliss at our core. innate infinite insight. only true paths lead back from the surface. a hardcore look at love. nothing cannot hurt you when u open up so sensitive, but h(t)urT cannot destroyou. heaven is hid inside. it's not afraid to come out and play when you're willing to go in.
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