andrea little girl, sitting in the rain,
what bothers you so?
why are tears streaking your face
& soaking your muddy shirt?
what did they do to you?
did they cheat to get inside?
create chaos in your sanctuary?
were lies spread upon you until
you felt too heavy to move?
did the darkness they carried
deep in side seep into your soul?
what part of you did they break, little girl?
how sharp were the fangs that
sunk into your innocent flesh?
if youd only speak to me, perhaps
I could help you
wont you tell me?
oh, sweet child, if I could erase
the scars & smooth your disturbance, I would
GOD help me, I would

copyright 2000
ClairE if_i_could 011217
carlita but_i_cant 030709
nomme so_i_won't 030709
delial just know that if you wanted me, I would.
Anything, anytime, anywhere that you needed.

I'm here for_you, always.
minnesota_chris nothing less attractive than that 030710
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